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General Insurance
Mediclaim / Health Insurance / Group Mediclaim
With medical costs rising, this policy is the best option for you and your family as it takes care of all the hospitalization expenses incurred due to sickness / injury.
Personal Accident Insurance
It is recommended to individuals to protect their families in the event of an accidental demise, disability and loss of income at competitive premium rates.
Vehicle Insurance
Your car is not just a vehicle, but a valued possession of yours as well as your family’s. Insure your car with our advice to help you handle everything ranging from car repairs to faster settlement of claims.
Fire Insurance
Fire is a natural and an unpredictable situation that can make one lose his most priced possessions forever. Insure your assets such as Factory, Warehouse, Machinery, Stocks, House and Offices today for a secured future.
Burglary / Theft Insurance
Gain control over such unexpected happenings such as burglary and thefts. Secure your assets and belongings by insuring them with a policy uniquely made for such situations.
Marine Cargo Insurance
Protect your goods against transit risks and ensure safer and secure movement. We advice various marine cover such as Specific Policy, Inland Policy, STOP etc.
Travel Insurance
Make your travel journey relaxing and risk free with a comprehensive travel policy to suit individual requirements without any tension.
Householders Comprehensive Insurance
Your Home is your valued possession, which are exposed to several risks. With this specially designed policy for Home one can provide the protection to property, Contents, Jewellery, Electronic Appliances, Domestic Help etc.
Shopkeeper All Risk Insurance
A Shopkeeper Package can provide your shop more safety than any lock. Secure your shop by insuring against risk of thefts/fire or any other unexpected situation.
Office Comprehensive Package Policy
The overheads of running a business maybe expensive, but you could face heavier losses due to other reasons like robbery or breakdowns. Insure your office and reduce your financial stress with this policy that comprehensively covers several risky situations of loss.
Contractor All Risk (CAR) Policy
The construction industry is laden with a variety of risks. There is no telling when accidents leading to injuries and damages to property can happen. The impact of these perils takes a heavy toll on the investments of the contractors and also threatens to bring the projects to a grinding halt. To avert the huge financial losses the contractors suffer under such circumstances, we advice you the CAR policy.