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Life Insurance
Why Insurance?

Every individual is exposed to the risk of untimely demise, accidental injury, financial loss and uncertain future. Life Insurance provides complete "PEACE OF MIND" against exigencies of life by providing financial protection to You & your dependents.

Financial planning done through Life Insurance will also help individuals support children's education, marriage expenses & post retirement life.

In our view it is the most effective “systematic planning” as it induces the individuals to compulsory save for long term risk & retirement planning.

Life Insurance proceeds are Tax - Free up to any amount excluding Annuities.

Term Insurance :

Policy benefit is promissed to the dependent's family members in case of death of the policy holder within specefied time. Term Insurance does not offer any benefit / returns.

Whole Life Plans :

Whole Life Insurance Policy covers you for your entire life. It is termed as "CREATION OF WEALTH" as your premium outgo stops at desired age and bonus accumulates for entire life.

Endowment Plan :

Risk Cover with the element of savings & investments.

Health Plans :

Element of Risk Cover in addition to multiple benefits for various health ailments as per plans .

Children’s Plan :

Adequate planning for child’s education, marriage, start up where the risk cover of the proposer also can be opted.

Pension Plans :

Secure your old age with various retirement and pension plans by receiving fixed annuities during the golden years.


ULIP is a Life Insurance Plan designed as better investment option. Premium paid under ULIP is invested in Equities by the company for better returns