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Wealth Management

"The thinking individual should designate an advisor who is a fitting counterpart to oneself" - Translated from Kautilya's Arthasastra
We develop partnerships with those individuals to whom we can provide exceptional value. We specialize in serving clients who exhibit many of the following characteristics:

  • Wants to make intelligent financial choices and values professional guidance to that end.
  • Desires to have time free to pursue career and family activities.
  • Values long-term relationships and recognizes that important goals take time and discipline to achieve.
  • Enjoys collaborating with professionals who are dedicated to their best interests.

Your wealth can grow more wealth. Provided enough time and effort is put in to study markets, weigh the various investment options and take complex decisions. The single, most important objective is to offer Independent Wealth Management solutions by helping you to accumulate, preserve, and enhance your wealth
Our Endeavour is to preserve your capital first. Only then do we make recommendations to enhance your wealth, focusing upon areas requiring attention on a priority basis. Disciplined Long-term Investment Approach.
We thoughtfully integrate our capabilities in a way that makes sense for each client, continually expanding our resources to meet future client needs.
We add tremendous value to your financial life by helping you create and implement a personalized wealth plan. We give you continuous, meaningful guidance as to what you should be doing today to accomplish your goals of tomorrow.
Our wealth management services include:
  • Trading Services – Equity/
    Commodities/ Derivatives
  • Depository Services
  • Mutual Funds Advisory
  • Fixed Income products
  • Structured Products
  • Real Estate investments
  • Capital market lending
  • On shore & offshore services
  • IPO Funding
  • Discretionary & Non discretionary
    Portfolio management